Working together for a safe meeting

Corona-maatregelen Leveranciersdagen

We look forward to bringing the promotional industry back together for the first time! The core of our trade fair is personal contact.

In order to make networking as safe and successful as possible in times of Corona, we have developed a series of measures in accordance with the requirements and advice of the Dutch government and in close collaboration with the security region.

Our goal: to organize an event with the highest possible safety  and to create an environment in which your company can grow again.

Help with a safe event

Vaccinated, cured or tested

To gain access to De Leveranciersdagen, it is necessary that every visitor and exhibitor can show a valid corona certificate. This can be done with a vaccination or recovery certificate or a recent negative test via Testen voor Toegang [Testing for Access]. This has to be done less than 24 hours before the start.

Proof of vaccination against corona

Proof of recovery of a corona infection

A maximum 24 hour old negative Corona test

Go to to schedule a free appointment. Please note: only test results scheduled through Testen voor Toegang will be accepted for access to De Leveranciersdagen.


At the entrance you have to show proof of vaccination or recovery or a valid DCC or in case of being tested the CoronaCheck app. Also bring your ID with you. We will check both.

Basic measures

To ensure the best possible protection against infection, the basic measures against the spread of corona continue to apply.

Keep distance

Please note the 1.5 meters away that applies everywhere. We have indicated this on the floor in the restaurant and at the entrance. Also pay attention to the route shown on the show floor.

Wash your hands often and well

We offer disinfectants everywhere in the exhibition hall. There are disinfection columns at the entrance and exit and the catering outlet.

Stay home with complaints and get tested immediately

Stay home if you have mild cold symptoms such as runny nose, cough, sore throat or fever. Even if one of your roommates has a fever.

Other measures

  • Coats etc. with the exception of valuables should be left in the car if possible
  • Cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm
  • Use paper tissues and throw them away immediately
  • Don’t shake hands

The organizer reserves the right to exclude exhibitors with cold symptoms, fever and/or those who do not adhere to the safety and precautionary measures from further participation.

We take these measures


Registration for access is required. When registering, visitors can choose between two possible time frames. After arrival you can stay as long as desired.


Visitors are checked for the required vaccinated, cured, tested evidence including identity check.


There will be a 1.5 meter indication in front of the registration desk. The staff at the check-in desk work behind splash screens. Everyone’s temperature is checked automatically and remotely.

There are disinfection stations at the entrance and we offer free mouth caps for will.


The air in the hall is continuously refreshed.


The seats on the terraces are set at 1.5 meters.


Everything is served according to the currently applicable measures. Exhibitors will be offered lunch at the stand.


At the counter of the catering there is a disinfection station at the beginning. Disinfectants are also available in the toilets.


The organization checks the halls and monitors whether corona measures are being observed.

Regulations during construction and dismantling

  • Travel preferably with your own transport to the location.
  • Public Transport; follow the guidelines of the transport company.
  • Keep the company van clean and ventilated.
  • Strictly follow the instructions provided in advance and the guidelines from the venue and the organiser. Keep the guidelines and the instruction flyer in the company van and in the construction documentation.
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance. Do not shake hands with colleagues and other suppliers. Conduct work meetings at least two arm lengths apart.
  • Follow the hygiene measures.
  • Stay at home in case you have cold symptoms or housemates with a fever.
  • Work alone as much as possible.
  • Boxes, crates, etc. are mobile as far as possible (if too heavy), and are used by as few people as possible, from supplier to the final location, touched.
  • Crew rooms are scattered around the location with a 1.5 meter distance being observed.
  • Crew catering: employees bring their own packaged food, or there are food packages available at the location.
  • Eating together according to the 1.5 meter rule
  • There is clear signage, in striking colors, displaying the routes for the employees, 1.5 meters apart and hygiene rules.
  • Work areas are well ventilated
  • Enforcement: the organiser and the corona responsible party(ies) supervise the compliance with the measures.