COVID-19 Protocol Exhibitors

General guidlines for all

  • Leaving coats etc. without valuables inside the car if possible
  • Keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters
  • Ensuring of good hygiene measures
    o Washing hands regularly
    o Coughing and sneezing on the inside of the elbow
    o Use of paper tissues and throwing them away immediately
    o No handshakes
  • Staying at home with mild cold symptoms, such as sniffing, coughing, sore throat or fever
  • Staying at home if you have housemates with a fever
  • After toilet visit wash/disinfect hands with the available products

Extra measure we have taken

  • Adjusted floorplan with wider paths and routing
  • Stand spaces must all be provided with good separation from neighbouring stands
  • At the entrance we will scan your temperature (mandatory)
  • We will also ask the necessary health questions
  • We will offer free mouth masks
  • On several locations we will provide disinfection products
  • Wider opening hours for construction to make spreading of persons possible
  • Here too we will ask the necessary health questions

Regulations during construction and dismantling

  • Preferably with your own transport to the location.
  • OV; follow the guidelines of the transport company.
  • Keep the company bus clean and ventilated.
  • Strictly follow the instructions provided in advance and the guidelines from the Location and the Organiser. Keep the guidelines and the instruction flyer in the company bus and in the set-up documentation.
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance. Do not shake hands with colleagues and other suppliers. Conduct work meetings at least two arm lengths apart.
  • Follow the hygiene measures.
  • Stay at home with in case you have cold symptoms or housemates with a fever.
  • Work alone as much as possible.
  • Boxes, crates, etc. are mobile as far as possible (if too heavy), and are used by as few people as possible, from supplier to the final location, touched.
  • Crew rooms are scattered around the location with a 1.5 meter distance being observed.
  • Crew catering: employees bring their own packaged food, or there are food packages available at the location.
  • Eating together according to the 1.5 meter rule
  • There is clear signage, in striking colors, displaying the routes for the employees, 1.5 meters apart and hygiene rules.
  • Work areas are well ventilated
  • Enforcement: the organiser and the corona responsible party(ies) supervise the compliance with the measures.

Extra measurements by Expo Houten

  • General areas will be cleaned constantly
  • A visible host(ess) is present who is actively among the guests. This host (ess) will actively greet the guests and show them their way in the catering areas. For the guest, this means a recognizable and accessible point of contact for any question about food safety, allergens and health.
  • All sandwiches, sweet treats etc. are packed or served per person. We work with sustainable disposables as much as possible. Drinks will be served in small PET bottles / packages as much as possible.

The organisation reserves the right to exclude from further participation/visit persons with a cold, fever and/or those who fail to observe the safety and precautionary measures.